Vonk and DutchVentus have recently signed an agreement to cooperate as partners for the design and delivery of Hybrid Power Systems (HPS) in which the wind turbines of DutchVentus are integrated in the Hybrid Power System of Vonk. Such systems are smart combinations of renewable power generation based on solar and/or wind, energy storage and energy distribution, all controlled by a smart Power Management System.

These green power solutions have already been successfully applied offshore, on O&G platforms in operation or lighthouse mode, and onshore, to provide different power consumers, equipment and industrial processes with green energy, if needed backed up by an emergency diesel generator.

The addition of the 10kW venturi type wind turbines of DutchVentus to Vonk’s Hybrid Power Systems brings real added value and will help decarbonize your business even further.

Have you become curious about the DutchVentus wind turbine in combination with the Hybrid Power Systems of Vonk? Then please e-mail us: info@iivonk.com

More information on the wind turbines and hybrid power systems can be found here:



On 24 March 2022 VONK received an award from Orano during their Supplier Award Ceremony in Paris, in the category ‘Competitiveness’.

Merijn van Mourik (MD) and @Thomas Andre (Site Team Lead) received the award from Mr. Edouard Blondel (Supply Chain Director) and Mr. Jacques PEYTHIEU (Business Director of the chemical enrichment unit).

Orano were especially impressed by VONK’s performance in the Energy Saving project. By re-engineering the electrical power drives, the Energy Saving Project will allow for a large reduction in power consumption in Orano’s uranium enrichment plants.

The power consumption savings are expected to be the equivalent of the yearly average energy usage of about 2,500 households.

As VONK we feel proud and appreciated and will continue supporting Orano in making their production more efficient and even greener.

As VONK we are proud to have been granted an order from NOBIAN Industrial Chemicals for the engineering, fabrication, outfitting and testing of five prefabricated substations for the electricity supply for five  new salt production wells in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands.

Before delivery to the salt wellhead locations in Haaksbergen, the pre-fabricated substations will be 100% functionally tested in order to reduce the commissioning period in the field as much as possible.

The five prefabricated substations will be delivered in four  batches in the third quarter of 2022.

The prefabricated substations will contain the following equipment:

  1. 10 kV Ring Main Unit/Switchgear;
  2. 10/0.4 kV transformer;
  3. Low voltage switchgear;
  4. UPS system;
  5. Airco unit;
  6. Distribution Boards.

In 2023 NOBIAN Industrial Chemicals will start salt production in Haaksbergen. Due to the thick salt layer in this area  it is possible to guarantee the long term  salt production in a safe manner, with a limited number of new wells to be drilled. In the years after the area will be further developed following a “step-by-step” approach, until 2055.

From the salt wellhead locations the “brine” (salt water) will be transported through a pump station to a treatment plant in the town of Hengelo.

Example of a “salt house” at an existing salt wellhead location
Design of the pump station that will be installed in Haaksbergen.

We as VONK are very proud to be an invited party in the GROW offshore wind consortium to develop and demonstrate technology that will accelerate the scale-up of offshore wind, green hydrogen production and its integration in the energy system.
Besides being invited by Shell, we are also honored to be mentioned in one line with our consortium-partners GEABBTechnical University Eindhoven, and Technical University of Delft to develop the electro-technical innovations.
It is announced that the GROW consortium FlexH2 project was awarded subsidy of the MOOI-SIGOHE scheme. The Shell-led research project FlexH2, which stands for Flexible Offshore Wind Hydrogen Power Plant, intends to develop and demonstrate technology that will accelerate the scale-up of offshore wind, green hydrogen production and its integration in the energy system.
Please check out the full article on below website:


More than a decade ago we supplied our advanced medium frequency drive systems to our French customer, who is active in uranium enrichment. Since then we have been doing the level 1-4 maintenance on these drive systems as well. Because the electronics in the drive systems are getting older now, we have recently set up a more pro-active approach for these drives. Within this pro-active Risk Based Asset Management approach, we have developed the so-called VONK Life Cycle Management (LCM) programme, for which we were recently granted a six years contract by our French customer.

The VONK LCM programme comprises of the following main components, each with their specific added value for the customer:

Obsolescence management – by continuously monitoring the potential obsolescence, the customer will know at an early stage which components will become obsolete and whether they can be replaced by an alternative or need to be re-designed,

Knowledge retainment – we will make sure that the necessary knowledge will stay available at the right level and within sufficient resources,

Keeping Technical Product Documentation (TPD) up-to-date,

Maintenance of customer-specific electronics test facilities,

Managing all security sensitive data and documentation storage, including security screening of employees.

Are you interested in the possibilities of Life Cycle Management for your power and electronics related installed base as well, please contact us to find out together how we can create value for you.

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This morning our colleague Bart de Vries held an interesting webinar on “Power supplies for large-scale electrolysis”. A great audience, reaching from OEM and EPC to asset owner, divided over more than 15 countries, attended the 30 minutes session, followed by a questions round.
The entire presentation including questions round is now available for you via the following YouTube link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7wjLwW8Huo

Our webinar addressed optimizing power supply choices for large scale electrolysis facilities in different application environments. Furthermore we shared the many lessons VONK has learned from project involvement over recent times, as well as an outlook to the developments in the near future.
Do you want to optimize the power supply to ensure the best ROI for your large-scale electrolyser? Then this webinar is the one to look back, or you can of course also directly contact VONK through bart.devries@iivonk.com

We hope you will enjoy watching this webinar and we look forward to seeing you online for our next webinar, which we will plan in the near future.
For our next Webinar, we are seeking companies that are interested to have a round table discussion regarding Efficient Hydrogen Production.


After the success of our previous webinars, VONK hereby invites you to join her next Webinar on Thursday the 2nd of September at 11.00 CET.

The subject of this webinar will be:

“Power Supplies for Large-scale Electrolysis”

As a leading solution provider in the field of power conversion VONK is involved with many large-scale electrolysis projects. Because of our involvement we are in the unique position to identify the specific needs and characteristics that are applicable for projects within a range of different grid connection situations.

In the webinar, hosted by Bart de Vries, VONK will present numerous key attention areas and best practices for the power supply, in order to optimize the efficiency and ROI of large-scale electrolysis projects. Furthermore, we will share the lessons learned from our project involvement over recent times, as well as an outlook to the developments in the near future.

In order to register for the webinar, please use the following link: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/36/w8g85co1

A link to the recorded webinar will be available on our website afterwards.

We would like to fine tune the content of our webinar to our audience.

𝐀𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐬𝐮𝐛𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐜𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐮𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬? Or questions you like us to answer during our webinar? Please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@iivonk.com

We look forward to seeing you online on the 2nd of September!

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VONK receives recognition award as part of the integrated team for the SCOT Digitalization and Automation Journey

VONK has recently been recognized in supporting our client Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) in further developing the digitization and automation of the Seria crude oil terminal.

As part of an integrated team including Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and our local partner Zainal Daud , an end to end solutions approach was used to deliver solutions to complex challenges.

Using an end to end solutions approach allowed for the multi-discipline team to collaborate in the development, implementation and handover of cost effective reliable solutions.

Opportunities were identified  and solutions delivered in an extremely short time frame using a shared focus, goal driven approach.

The digitization and further automation has already had multiple successes and shown an asset that is fit for the future.

Congratulations to the BSP and VONK Brunei Team members for this joint recognition on the Wall of Pride.

VONK finished  the  engineering of  the substation and in the coming weeks the outfitting and testing of this prefabricated VFD substation will be started. This substation consists of 3 segments, which willbe transported separately to the final location of the Assa North project in Nigeria.

Being a specialist in power conversion, control and automation and electrical distribution, VONK is your ideal partner when it comes to the design and construction of prefabricated modules, like E-Houses, Substations, Control Rooms and Instrumentation Buildings. We have decades of experience with containerized modules and have built up an excellent reputation for innovative ideas and designs, quality products and reliable delivery.

The subject modules in this Assa North project will be equipped with:

  • medium voltage switchgear
  • 400VAC power distribution systems
  • large back-up battery storage system, including its distribution system
  • substation’s control and monitoring systems (SMCS).

The work is progressing according to plan and we thank all our supply chain partners that contribute to make it happen.

Our commissioning team is about to be mobilized to prepare the factory acceptance test (FAT), which is scheduled to commence in August. 

This morning our colleague Dave Oesterholt held an interesting webinar presentation on “Pre-fabricated Buildings for Electrical and Control Systems”. A great audience, reaching from OEM and EPC to end user, network operator and asset owner, divided over more than 12 countries, attended the 30 minutes session, followed by a questions round.

The entire presentation including questions round is now available for you via the following YouTube link: https://youtu.be/juSoWShuhMQ

VONK has delivered Prefabricated Substations, Control Rooms, Field Auxiliary Rooms, Local Equipment Rooms, Hybrid Power Systems etc. all over the world already for many decades. The plug-and-play prefabricated buildings can play an important role in the Energy Transition too, as they can be used for many applications, like Green Hydrogen production systems, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Power Generation, Power Distribution or Control Units.

In this webinar, VONK has presented the features, benefits, design aspects and use cases of pre-fabricated buildings, and how you can reduce your overall costs compared to building in-situ, on site.

Do you need a pre-fabricated building and would you like to go for the best solution with optimized total cost of ownership, then please send us an e-mail:
For Middle East: anas.elias@iivonk.com
For Europe and Africa: jan.naber@iivonk.com
For New Energy Solutions: dave.oesterholt@iivonk.com

We hope you will enjoy looking back this webinar and we look forward to seeing you online for one of our next webinars, which we will plan in the near future.