A Dutch company from Zwolle is providing the link between Scandinavia’s largest green hydrogen production plant and the renewable energy source. In doing so, it is making an important contribution to the expansion of the green hydrogen economy in Europe.

VONK designs and delivers innovative electrical installations, including solutions for conversion systems for electrolysers. Electrolysers are used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. When this is done with renewable energy, such as solar, wind or hydropower, it is referred to as green hydrogen.

Connecting an electrolyser to the electricity grid requires a conversion system that converts the high voltage of the AC grid into DC voltage suitable for the electrolyser. In addition, the characteristics for each electrolyser are different and electricity grid operators (such as TenneT) have different requirements for the electrical behavior of the conversion system. This ensures that specific knowledge is required to make such solutions on a large scale. Worldwide, only a limited number of companies are capable of doing this, and VONK is one of them.

The so-called P2X project for which VONK supplies the electrical conversion system is being realized in Harjavalta, Finland. The electricity for this project is generated by a hydropower plant. For the P2X project, VONK is cooperating with Germany’s Sunfire, which is supplying the electrolyser. With a size of 20 megawatts, this project is as big as the largest electrolyser currently in operation in Europe. The end customer P2X Solutions announces it will build an additional 1,000 megawatts of capacity over the next 10 years.

Huge growth in electrolysis capacity is also expected at other companies in the coming years. With that, the impact of electrolysers on the power grid is also growing, making the expertise of companies like VONK increasingly important to realize such projects. VONK therefore expects substantial growth in the coming years.

More information about VONK’s ‘Hydrogen Solutions’ can be found at www.iivonk.com