As VONK we are proud to have been granted an order from NOBIAN Industrial Chemicals for the engineering, fabrication, outfitting and testing of five prefabricated substations for the electricity supply for five  new salt production wells in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands.

Before delivery to the salt wellhead locations in Haaksbergen, the pre-fabricated substations will be 100% functionally tested in order to reduce the commissioning period in the field as much as possible.

The five prefabricated substations will be delivered in four  batches in the third quarter of 2022.

The prefabricated substations will contain the following equipment:

  1. 10 kV Ring Main Unit/Switchgear;
  2. 10/0.4 kV transformer;
  3. Low voltage switchgear;
  4. UPS system;
  5. Airco unit;
  6. Distribution Boards.

In 2023 NOBIAN Industrial Chemicals will start salt production in Haaksbergen. Due to the thick salt layer in this area  it is possible to guarantee the long term  salt production in a safe manner, with a limited number of new wells to be drilled. In the years after the area will be further developed following a “step-by-step” approach, until 2055.

From the salt wellhead locations the “brine” (salt water) will be transported through a pump station to a treatment plant in the town of Hengelo.

Example of a “salt house” at an existing salt wellhead location
Design of the pump station that will be installed in Haaksbergen.