Vonk secured a contract for the delivery of a fourth offshore off-grid Hybrid Power Solution for our clients facilities at the North Sea.

The contract is part of the NAM’s offshore decomplexing program that ‘greens’ its offshore facilities and reduces its operational expenses by minimizing diesel consumption for power generation and reducing the maintenance intervals to once a year based on walk-to-work vessel operation instead of Heli flights. It will be the first of such installation to be constructed at the Dutch shelf at the North Sea.

The contract comprises the design, manufacturing, onshore testing and commissioning of a system that consist of a solar farm, 3kW helix type turbine, a single back-up generator, a power distribution and -management system as well as a battery storage unit. The system will be completed with marine navaid system as well as a PACO module.

The offshore installation is scheduled for the first half of 2020.