Dutch based VONK will deliver the first XL type Helix Turbine to its launching customer at the North. The largest Dutch based oil and gas producer agreed to integrate this model in the next to be greened offshore production facility at the North Sea. The turbine is robust and able to withstand windspeeds up to 50 m/sec. The turbine starts generating power at 2m/s windspeed and runs nearly silent (35 dBA @ 10m/s). It operates 360°, without tracking and allow helicopter operation while in service. The Powertrain is a single IP68 housing that include the generator, gearbox, net inverter and mechanical brake. The brake kicks in for safety reasons at windforce 9. The turbines can be installed both on or alongside the topside. The unit is more robust and compared with venturi and small blade turbines capable to coop with fast changing wind direction as for instance at the North Sea. The current turbine will be installed in safe area and the process of having it suitable for ATEX zone 2 will commence soon. VONK has established a cooperation with the German based supplier of the turbine. Please feel free to contact VONK if you need any further information.