VONK performs the outfitting of five prefabricated substations for the so called Assa North project in Nigeria.

Being a specialist in power conversion, control and automation and electrical distribution, VONK is your ideal partner when it comes to  the design and construction of prefabricated modules, like E-Houses, substations, Control Rooms and Instrumentation Buildings. We  have decades of experience with containerized modules and have built up an excellent reputation for innovative ideas and designs, quality products and reliable delivery.
The subject modules in this Assa North project will be equipped with medium voltage switchgear, 400VAC power distribution systems, a large back-up battery storage systems including its distribution system, as well as the substations control and monitoring systems (SMCS).

The buildings are average 20 meter  long and close to 4 meters wide as well as high. Some of them are blast resilient, as the modules are to be installed at the site of a new build gas production plant.

The work is progressing according to plan and we thank all our supply chain partners that contribute to make it happen.

Our commissioning team is about to be mobilized to prepare the factory acceptance test, which is scheduled to commence in a couple of weeks. 

In the meantime we have finished the design and have started the manufacturing of a few additional pre-fabricated buildings, awarded by our client for the same project.