On 11 March our colleague Dave Oesterholt presented an interesting webinar on ‘How Hybrid Power Systems can Reduce Cost and CO2 emissions at Your Onshore and Offshore Installations’. A great international audience, reaching from OEM and EPC to end user and asset operator/owner, attended the 30 minutes session, followed by a 15 minutes questions round.

The entire presentation including questions round is now available for you through the following YouTube link: https://youtu.be/gpMUxe-p85c

Hybrid Power Systems are smart energy systems to supply your Offshore and Onshore Installations with renewable power. It is combination of power generation (e.g. solar and/or wind), energy storage (batteries and/or H2), system control and power distribution, controlled by an intelligent Power Management System.

In the webinar Dave Oesterholt of VONK presented the latest developments and possibilities of Hybrid Power Systems for different situations and applications, illustrated with practical use cases:

– Late life offshore O&G platforms, e.g. combined with platform simplification,

– Offshore O&G platforms in ‘lighthouse mode’ (after production, warm or cold stack, before decommissioning),

– Re-use of offshore platforms for injection of captured CO2 in depleted reservoirs,

– Onshore O&G production wells and reservoirs, especially in remote off-grid areas

Are you planning to supply your installations with renewable energy in order to decarbonize your processes and meanwhile also save cost? Then this webinar is the one to look back, or you can of course also directly contact VONK through dave.oesterholt@iivonk.com