More than a decade ago we supplied our advanced medium frequency drive systems to our French customer, who is active in uranium enrichment. Since then we have been doing the level 1-4 maintenance on these drive systems as well. Because the electronics in the drive systems are getting older now, we have recently set up a more pro-active approach for these drives. Within this pro-active Risk Based Asset Management approach, we have developed the so-called VONK Life Cycle Management (LCM) programme, for which we were recently granted a six years contract by our French customer.

The VONK LCM programme comprises of the following main components, each with their specific added value for the customer:

Obsolescence management – by continuously monitoring the potential obsolescence, the customer will know at an early stage which components will become obsolete and whether they can be replaced by an alternative or need to be re-designed,

Knowledge retainment – we will make sure that the necessary knowledge will stay available at the right level and within sufficient resources,

Keeping Technical Product Documentation (TPD) up-to-date,

Maintenance of customer-specific electronics test facilities,

Managing all security sensitive data and documentation storage, including security screening of employees.

Are you interested in the possibilities of Life Cycle Management for your power and electronics related installed base as well, please contact us to find out together how we can create value for you.

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