The Dutch company VONK, a technical service specialist and the German based small vertical wind turbine manufacturer LUVSIDE have signed a partnership agreement for a long-term cooperation in the design and realisation of reliable offshore off-grid hybrid power solutions (HPS) that includes power generation by vertical wind turbines.

The VONK HPS provides reliable renewable electrical power to remote installations that have limted or no acces to the electricity grid. The solutions include bespoke VONK power management system, enabling remote monitoring and an energy storage facility.High quality components ensure autonomy, minimal maintenance and worry-free long-term operation for the owner.

VONK is a technical service specialist with a proven, time-tested track record with over 80 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and for electric utilities around the world, safely delivering innovative solutions and complex projects.

LUVSIDE designs, manufactures and delivers state of the art Small Vertical Wind Turbines for offshore and off-grid purposes.

VONK and LUVSIDE will closely work together to contribute to our customer’s ambitions to be more cost effectie, become greener and reduce CO2, SOx and NOx emissions complying with the latest ECA requirements.