VONK has been conducting training sessions with the engineering and operations teams of the NAM and Shell UK. The third and most recent training session was November 5th, 2018 participated by the assets RPE’s.

The goal of the training sessions is to familiarize with the Leman Hybrid Power system, which was commissioned by VONK back in 2016. The Leman Hybrid Power Project is an intelligent system that slightly deviates from the Shell standard energy systems providing a lot more functionalities.

In order to familiarize the teams of the NAM and Shell UK, VONK has come up with a training course which will teach the team how to work with this unique system. The training consists of theory and practice session and during the practice session the team members will learn how to deal and how to solve issues on-site, but also from remote, keeping up the functionality of the system.

VONK is proud to continue our work with the NAM and Shell UK.