The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) is de-complexing large platforms. These platforms have facilities like gas treatment skids and helicopter decks. NAM is simplifying these large platforms to unmanned offshore locations.

VONK developed a sustainable integrated energy system with solar panels for these modernized platforms. NAM got into dialogue with VONK early 2016 and in close cooperation we developed in 6 months a unique self-sufficient and self-controlled system that supplies the platform with green energy. For 85 % of the time solar energy will feed the platform. Very small diesel generators feed the platform the remaining 15 % of the time. The system developed by VONK will reduce Operational Expenditure due to the reduced maintenance requirement, a visit once a year is sufficient for the platform to operate safely and reliable.

The system also reduces CO2 exhaust by 85%. The complete system is set up for testing at the premises of VONK.

NAM and VONK are pleased to show you the innovation which contributes to a green and safe gas production at sea.