The projects that VONK carries out for BVI Electricity Corp (BVIEC) go back to the early years of this century. For a number of years, the cooperation has been further intensified and this has resulted, among other things, in a multi-year maintenance contract.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, VONK has remained in close contact with the BVIEC and the British Virgin Islands Government to continue exploring options for on-site operations. After obtaining a special exception visa and the mandatory quarantine periods, a team from VONK traveled to the BVI again at the end of August 2020 to complete the installation and commissioning of the new 208V and 480V low voltage distributors we supplied.

Subsequently, we successfully carried out the first PLC replacement on one of the 4 diesel generators under the same difficult travel conditions. The new PLC hardware and software upgrade had already been delivered by us in 2019/2020 but could not be carried out earlier due to the pandemic. The PLC conversion of the last three diesel generators is planned for the coming months. We demonstrate the maximum flexibility by having these activities run synchronously with the maintenance of the diesel generators, so that maximum availability of electricity to be supplied to the country remains at all times.