Vonk and DutchVentus have recently signed an agreement to cooperate as partners for the design and delivery of Hybrid Power Systems (HPS) in which the wind turbines of DutchVentus are integrated in the Hybrid Power System of Vonk. Such systems are smart combinations of renewable power generation based on solar and/or wind, energy storage and energy distribution, all controlled by a smart Power Management System.

These green power solutions have already been successfully applied offshore, on O&G platforms in operation or lighthouse mode, and onshore, to provide different power consumers, equipment and industrial processes with green energy, if needed backed up by an emergency diesel generator.

The addition of the 10kW venturi type wind turbines of DutchVentus to Vonk’s Hybrid Power Systems brings real added value and will help decarbonize your business even further.

Have you become curious about the DutchVentus wind turbine in combination with the Hybrid Power Systems of Vonk? Then please e-mail us: info@iivonk.com

More information on the wind turbines and hybrid power systems can be found here: