Vonk has been awarded by a Nigerian EPC contractor for the design, fabrication of two prefabricated double section substations for the Egbema West project. The EGBEMA West field is located some 75 km North of Port Harcourt and operated by Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NPDC). The substations (Egbema-West AG & Egbema-West NAG) will accommodate the electrical distribution systems, both covers an area of approx. 7,5 by 16 meters. The substations shall be ready for dispatch in the first half of 2019.

VONK has been awarded for the design, fabrication and partly outfitting of a Field Auxiliary Room (FAR) by one of its West African clients. The blast resilient and A60 fire resistant FAR consist of two sections and covers an area of 16 by 6,5 meter. The unit will accommodate a PAS system, a SYS system, a telecom system, a F&G system, compressor & refrigeration control units and a metering system. The FAR is in an early stage of fabrication and the unit and scheduled to be ready for dispatch in the third quarter of 2018.

The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) is de-complexing large platforms. These platforms have facilities like gas treatment skids and helicopter decks. NAM is simplifying these large platforms to unmanned offshore locations.

VONK developed a sustainable integrated energy system with solar panels for these modernized platforms. NAM got into dialogue with VONK early 2016 and in close cooperation we developed in 6 months a unique self-sufficient and self-controlled system that supplies the platform with green energy. For 85 % of the time solar energy will feed the platform. Very small diesel generators feed the platform the remaining 15 % of the time. The system developed by VONK will reduce Operational Expenditure due to the reduced maintenance requirement, a visit once a year is sufficient for the platform to operate safely and reliable.

The system also reduces CO2 exhaust by 85%. The complete system is set up for testing at the premises of VONK.

NAM and VONK are pleased to show you the innovation which contributes to a green and safe gas production at sea.

VONK is proud to announce the release of the decomplexing video of the Leman Echo platform on which the VONK Hybrid Power System is successfully operating on Solar energy.
Together with NAM we go GREEN! VONK is ready to install the VONK Hybrid Power System in the jungles, desserts, offshore or any other offgrid location in the world!!

The Dutch company VONK, a technical service specialist and the German based small vertical wind turbine manufacturer LUVSIDE have signed a partnership agreement for a long-term cooperation in the design and realisation of reliable offshore off-grid hybrid power solutions (HPS) that includes power generation by vertical wind turbines.

The VONK HPS provides reliable renewable electrical power to remote installations that have limted or no acces to the electricity grid. The solutions include bespoke VONK power management system, enabling remote monitoring and an energy storage facility.High quality components ensure autonomy, minimal maintenance and worry-free long-term operation for the owner.

VONK is a technical service specialist with a proven, time-tested track record with over 80 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and for electric utilities around the world, safely delivering innovative solutions and complex projects.

LUVSIDE designs, manufactures and delivers state of the art Small Vertical Wind Turbines for offshore and off-grid purposes.

VONK and LUVSIDE will closely work together to contribute to our customer’s ambitions to be more cost effectie, become greener and reduce CO2, SOx and NOx emissions complying with the latest ECA requirements.