VONK has started building annunciator panels for a client in Pernis.

This will serve the purpose of alarming the operator of any disturbances in the facility and let them confirm and clear alarms.

Engineering for these panels has been done inhouse and one of our foreign partners is commencing the build.

Together with our client we use remote video inspection to preform the factory acceptance testing.

PAS Contract: first commissioning crews returning home.

The first commissioning teams are returning home after a period of surveys and repair activities on the BGC assets in the Basrah area in Iraq. After a preparation period the VONK commissioning team did receive the right visa, permits and Oil field passes to commence the works on the BGC assets. The various site assessments to improve the Control & Automation and Instrumentation systems on the numerous BGC assets have been completed well. The first systems were commissioned successfully.

In 2017 VONK started the BLUEWATER project.

The whole project consisted of an overhaul of the ship called Aoka Mizu, Japanese for blue water. This ship was a FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading). 

The scope for VONK consisted initially of maintenance and modifications on the electrical system. During the project the expertise of VONK was appreciated a lot and the complexity was more difficult than initially foreseen by our client. VONK had the right test equipment and manpower to do a lot of additional tests and backups on the electrical safety protection systems. We were also invited to carry out additional tests with the presence of DNV GL, the company responsible to certify the ship to be able to sail out. Additional documentation was also done to fill the need of DNV GL to achieve certification of the ship. 

At this moment the ship is at sea and is connected to the oil field successfully.

BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) of the Virgin Islands awarded VONK the repair works after one of their switchgear rooms has been on fire. The client’s team quickly restored the energy supply to the grid soon after the fire was extinguished. The low voltage switchgear, UPS and cabling have been damaged and needs to be replaced. VONK will start the removal works of the damaged switchgears, UPS and cables soon and simultaneously start the design, engineering and will build the new switchgear and UPS. VONK will also be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the new equipment. VONK is committed to finish the work in the fourth quarter of 2019.

VONK completed the fabrication of the Field Auxiliary Room (FAR) for the Agbada project in Nigeria. The FAR building will house distributed control systems, fire and gas detection system, emergency shut down systems and several other instrument control cabinet. The unit has been fabricated in central Europe and consist of two sections and is blast resilient. The final test and inspections have been completed and we will now start to disconnect the cable connections between the two sections and prepare it for transport to site. Thanks to our supply chain partners to make the project a success.

Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) announced end 2018 that the Final Investment Decision was made for the Assa North Gas Processing Plant. The plant delivers gas to the domestic gas network in Nigeria. The design and delivery of the Electrical Systems Packages for this gas treatment plant has been awarded to VONK. The scope for the project includes the Electrical Detailed Design Balance Of Plant, followed by the design, fabrication, outfitting and System Integrated Testing of 5 pre-fabricated Substations (including a Power Management System) and 1 pre-fabricated central UPS building to feed all consumers in the Assa North Gas Processing Plant.

The project execution will be in close cooperation with our Nigerian Partner SLOT Engineering Nigeria Limited. The pre-fabricated substations and Central UPS building have to be delivered to SPDC in April 2020.

VONK is proud to start a Virtualization and DCS upgrade project in the Niger Delta in Nigeria. VONK is responsible for the PCD/IT rejuvenation of this complex project. Our client SPDC is having multiple gas gathering stations to deliver gas to the NLNG plant on Bonny Island. The gas gathering stations are being controlled by a Distributed Control System. The various DCS systems are outdated and need to be upgraded without stopping the plants production. VONK will retrieve information from the existing systems and will do the detailed design till commissioning on site for the new systems. We will implement a virtual system allowing to have the latest technology available for cyber security and creating the possibility to do remote maintenance on the connected systems.

VONK is proud to announce that we have received the contract to deliver and install the Emergency power for a Liquefied Natural Gas plant in Brunei. The contract entails 3 units with extreme fire and explosion demands.

The power generation unit will be placed in a container placed on the ground floor and the power distribution unit will be placed on top. This so called stacked design reduces the required plot space significantly and is very suitable for sites with space constraints. The units will be manufactured and tested fully, prior to transport to the site location. This allows a plug and play startup of the units, saving time and cost for our client.

The project will be executed by team having office in our facilities in Brunei. The site installation and construction activities will be executed together with our local Partner Zainal Daud.

VONK has developed a renewable temporary off-grid power solution to deliver ‘green’ power to offshore wind turbines while they are under construction.

The unit typically consists of a small solar farm, battery storage, a very small back-up diesel generator, a power management system and a remote control system.

Furthermore small wind turbines suitable for the harsh offshore environment can be added and the entire package complies with offshore regulations.

The units are reusable, plug and play, low cost, easy to transport and suitable for most offshore wind turbine designs.

The temporary off-grid power solution is low-maintenance, limits tug boat movements, reduces operational cost and eliminates heavy diesel consumption during construction of an offshore wind farm. Thus contributing to a fossil fuel free approach of wind farm operators.

We can offer rental / lease options too.

VONK EUA designed and manufactured a Heat Tracing Distribution System for an Onshore Processing Facility for one of our Far East clients which are almost ready for dispatch.

This project is to provide Heat Tracing Distribution Panel in an Auxiliary Substation at the client’s facility. These Heat Tracing Panel will be identical to 200 existing Heat Tracing Distribution Boards which have been  delivered by VONK back in 2009. Two additional pieces of Hazardous area, ATEX Zone 2, Enclosure for Remote Single RTD multiplexer units will be delivered too.