Skid mounted solutions

Skid Mounted Solutions
One of the Vonk signature product lines are our Skid Mounted Solutions, especially where there are high project demands (fast delivery time, fit for purpose solutions and short installation window) or specifications (blast resilient, fire ratings and Ex environment) Vonk Skid Mounted Solutions are the most cost-effective answer. 

Added Value 
The objective of the skid mounted solution is to minimize production disruptions which makes these solutions an integral part of most (EPC) projects. The real benefit towards our client is the assurance for the skid mounted solution to minimize the risk in the project execution.

Strong experience
The long term development and execution of these skid mounted solutions worldwide has allowed Vonk to gain the know-how and principles around these skid mounted solutions. With our clients we work to deliver the best of both worlds by combining Vonk expertise with local cost efficiency and where required local content confirmation.

Containerized solution
Through our system integrator know how we are able to supply a complete scope including Substations, FAR’s and CCR which are normally split between the electrical OEM and the ICSS vendor, therefore delivery will be an integrated product. Integrated Testing at our facility including the complete live testing of the ICSS and the electrical infrastructure before shipment to site, ensuring flawless project execution. Increasing speed and limit field works in a live brownfield environment resulting in an additional reduction of risk and cost. Further Single point responsibility will lessen the necessity to coordinate with all project vendors by the End-Client.

With the current downturn in Oil & Gas prices, older platforms are finding it more difficult to be profitable. As revenues of an aging platform decrease and the operating costs increase there comes a point in time when a platform has reached its economic limit. When nearing the economic limit of a platform, operating companies consider the following 3 options; decommissioning, mothballing or de-complexing. With De-Complexing The platform is made economic viable by reducing the OPEX through the de-complexing of the platform, which can involve: De-manning / remote operation, Process removal/optimization and Reduced Maintenance requirements. Vonk developed some standard solutions to deal with these asset life cycle challenges. Also Feasibility Study / FEED Studies can be executed to come to further optimization based on your particular business case.