Feed studies and consultancy
During our long history of supplying integrated Electrical, Process Control & Automation and Instrumentation projects we developed insights and ways of working suiting the brownfield environments in the Energy and Oil & Gas Industry. This knowledge build up over years is recognized by our customers, what drives them to get into cooperative approaches during feasibility and development phases of projects.

We are specialized in executing FEED (Front End Engineering Design) studies and we supply technical consultancy. Our highly skilled discipline engineers and consultants provide conceptual design, basic design, functional design including cost estimates.

Our international experience in the oil and gas industry is a great asset in creating a reliable and valuable consultancy service for our customers.

Reliable engineering
Our experienced engineers are capable of establishing the documented as-build situation of the plant. In many cases the proper as build documentation is missing, in which our engineers will apply reverse engineering to create a starting point for an expansion or rejuvenation. We proved to be successful rejuvenating completely undocumented obsolete sites to state of the art equipment without causing a Shutdown.

Integrated teams
During FEED studies in a brownfield environment, knowledge of the existing plant and the way it is successfully operated is of paramount importance. This knowledge often lays with the owners and operators of the plant. Therefor VONK is used to work in an integrated team with our clients developing the engineering packages. This integrated team approach proved to be succesfull. VONK is your reliable business partner.

Our customers can always count on our professional attitude. We guide our clients through every phase of decision-making, from start-up to making the final investment decision in the project as scoped by our client.

Risk mitigating designs 
During our pre-defined engineering processes we look at the end result during all stages of design. We make inventories of risks and we identify the necessary mitigations to design a safe and reliable plant. Construction driven engineering is part of our DNA. One of the Pitfalls of making a design for a brownfield rejuvenation is making a very efficient design that however needs more shutdown time to implement. The needs of our client forms the basis for our way of working.