Hybrid Power Solution

VONK supports your energy needs with containerized hybrid Power Solution know-how. We supplement your energy supply with renewable-based solutions and minimize Operational Expenditure (OPEX) cost and emissions while maximizing efficiency, reliability, and profitability.




The VONK Hybrid Power Solution facilitates a containerized solution for: 

  • Power generation (Solar, Diesel backup)
  • Power distribution
  • Control /Safety Systems
  • Navigational aids, eventual for offshore solutions
  • Remote Monitoring/Control

The power is generated by solar cells placed on the containerized building(s). These combined with an industrial battery facility inside the building provide a reliable renewable energy source for your wellhead cluster, off grid power well.

For backup power supply, diesel generators are installed inside one of the containers to ensure continual supply of power.

With the installation of the system offshore the maintenance schedule of the platform will be changed from a monthly to a yearly cycle, what will result in lowering the OPEX cost of the platform.


Solar power for 85% of the time

The VONK hybrid power system provides over more than 85% reduction in CO2 emissions while reducing over 80% of OPEX on a platform.


The VONK Hybrid Power Solution

System Benefits
The benefits of using the VONK Hybrid Power Solution include:

Plug & play:

System is completely functionally tested at VONK. This will significant reduce the site installation & commissioning time


Our system is modular,  allowing it to be adapted easily to platforms of various sizes and power needs.

Reduced Cost:

This fit for purpose design within minimal CAPEX investment will greatly reduce the OPEX for the remaining life of the platform.

Functionality and field proven:

The VONK developed system runs on Solar Panels storing energy in an Industrial battery facility. Furthermore a backup diesel generator set is installed for reasons of availability and abnormalities in the solar panels. Additionally the systems are designed for high availability with various redundancies on critical elements.


Energy optimization and suitability for the dessert environment:

Additionally we perform energy demand and optimization studies for our clients. For Majnoons wellhead areas we could eg create a sequence opening of valves to reduce the amount simultaneous use of energy. This could be beneficial reducing the square meters of required solar panels.


We have provisions cleaning the systems automatically after sand storms etc. to make the system suitable for the dessert environment.



De-complexing Solutions

De-complexing is the process of decreasing asset complexity, with the objective to reduce operational costs. As Oil and Gas production asset ages, the operation philosophy and needs often change due to for example depleting wells. Installed systems/processes no longer fulfil the changing requirements in order to get the most out of an platform or production location.


Through de-complexing VONK is able to deliver the best ”FIT FOR PURPOSE” simplified solution for your complex asset applying an objective de-complexing program. Possible de-complexing opportunities:


  • Process unit centralization

  • Reduced / optimized maintenance

  • Process unit removal

  • Reducing Energy footprint

  • Asset De-manning

  • Utilities reduction 




  • Reduced Energy footprint/costs

  • Improved reliability

  • Reduced maintenance cycles

  • Reduced visits

  • Reduced points of failure

  • Reduced logistics


    All with the objective and/or resulting in reduced Operational Expenditure (OPEX) and extending asset operational lifetime.


    Going Green : Win - Win Situation
    De-complexing is often further improved by the implementation of green technologies. Solar for example is perfectly suited for offshore locations in order to reduce the CO2 footprint.


    VONK De-complexing Solutions
    VONK has over 75 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry executing FEED studies and Projects for most of the Major E&P company’s worldwide. We have built up specific experience in working with clients to evaluate the way forward in de-complexing to get the most out of a fit for purpose solution.

    VONK has developed a de-complexing program which supports our clients in the Oil & Gas Industry. We combine our years of experience in brown field rejuvenations with our de-complexing expertise to upgrade our clients facilities and plants to the most efficient and fit for purpose operation. This allows our client to benefit from lower maintenance costs and continue operating marginal fields.

    Our program is an high level holistic approach evaluating your operating asset and supporting the decisions leading to the reduced operation costs still having safety as main project driver. We evaluate the process on the asset and determine process parts that can be removed, optimized or re-located due to the change in market circumstances or operating conditions of the field.

    Our team of experts have a view from all angles including operational, maintenance, project execution and organizational aspects. This allows us to come to the most effective solution not hindered by any constrains or blindsided due to internal perspectives. Our program contains the following aspects.


  • Operating philosophy evaluation

  • Maintenance Philosophy review

  • Alarm analysis

  • Maintenance Records analysis

  • FGS Philosophy review

  • Operations workshops

  • Gap analysis

  • FGS Mapping review

  • Process reviews

  • Optimization reviews


    We work in one integrated team with our clients. Often our client keep office in our facilities over the globe so that direct sparring and constant alignment can take place. This allows us to act quick and have effective decision making achieving results in a short timeframe.

    We are pleased to cooperate with you to reduce your operational expenditure.


    The safe solution

    VONK a strong global partner for the one-stop Hybrid Power Solution:


  • Guaranteed savings

  • Extensive energy system knowledge

  • One-stop shop solution provider with a proven track record


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